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Whatever your marine air conditioning needs, Mabru Power Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL will more than likely have a solution. You can come armed with the specifications of the boat air conditioning system you are looking for, or you can take advantage of our online Marine Air Conditioner Finder to make certain you have not left anything out. We carry three major brands of marine AC systems and we usually have one or two other brands in stock for specialty needs.

After 35 years Mabru’s team is able to understand and solve most issues related to marine air conditioning, so we are not limited to mold, humidity, controls, noise, performance, refits, titanium upgrades, variable speed pumps, variable speed super high efficiency chillers, remote condensers, self contained units, european conversions, chiller water leaks, or pipe insulation. We manufacture our own state of the art units and also carry most brands.

Self contained: 4200 BTU to 17000 BTU 50/60 HZ stainless chassis, anodized evaporator, heat and cool, digital control, high velocity high static pressure blower, high and low pressure safety, lifetime warranty on compressors.

Remote condensers: from 5000 BTU to 48000 Dometic.

Chillers: Variable speed inverter chillers deliver not better cooling or heating by keeping the water at a lower temperature but also they are much more reliable, they consume about 25% less energy to run, 40 % less noise, 20% smaller in size. Our air handlers air all equipped with water flow valves, bleed ports, electric heat, digital control, auto fan mode, stainless chassis, anodized evaporators, high static low noise fan blowers.

If you need to purchase a new marine air conditioning unit and have it installed or if you are in need of parts for an existing unit, see us first.

Not only will Mabru Power Systems have what you need, but you will save a fair amount money as well. To find out how, just ask about our 25% discount.

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