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Military marine self contained air conditioning units
By Alain Mabru

About us
• We are conveniently located near Fort Lauderdale International Airport in South Florida, world renown as the Mecca of the Marine industry.
• Our company started creating and installing state of the art air conditioning units and custom marine refrigeration in the 80s; most people in the marine industry will link Mabru to famous and respected companies such as: Lunairemarine, SOS Engineering, Guy Coach, Origo, WebastoFCF units, The outboard Generator, the WesterbekeMini, Bertram yachts, Kohler generators, Marine air, Cruisair, Frigomar, Side Power, Vitrifrigo, Isotherm, whisper Power, Blue Water water makers, Tecnografic…
• Our reviews speak for themselves.


The mini: world smaller heat pump, available in 115V and 230V 50/60 HZ

The 7000, 10,000, 12000, and 17000 BTU are efficient and quiet units by design, have copper fin antimicrobialevaporator, and Swiss ball bearing blowers that deliver reliable high static pressure for multiple vents.

Those models are all equipped B30Cu-Ni ( 70% Copper 30% Nickel) water condensers not the B10 like 98% of our competition is using right now. Why B30? It has a life span rated of 20 years while the B10 has ONLY 5 years.

Our state of the art design and technology combined with the utilization of the best components enable us to offer a life time warranty on ALL our compressors.

MINI 4200 SC

• This unit is so small that I can hold it with one hand, it fit under most beds, seats, sofas, storage areas; Ideal for cabins, also works as a dehumidifier, a helm defroster or captain personal air conditioning station, same for guest personal cooling areas or cockpit mezzanine seating arrangements.
• Anodized Aluminum evaporator on this model
Copper Fins SC Military units
• Only the best materials are utilized inside those units:
• Anti microbial Copper fins and tubes to produce the most compact, quiet, efficient, long lasting, and reliable refrigeration system.
• Those models are equipped with B30 ( CuNi70/30 ) condensing coils that are known to last over 20 years, even under the harshest conditions. 98% of our competitors are mostly utilizing a 5 years rated B10 ( CuNi 90/10 ), for economical reasons.
Swiss ball bearings blowers secure a very high static pressure, for a quiet and reliable operation.

• Dual protection for water and air flow and reliable sensors to prevent freezing under heat or cool mode.
• Large accumulators to prevent refrigerant liquid migration into the compressor.
• Stainless drain pans.
• Easy to use Digital control: fan auto mode, non volatile memory, cool/ heat/ fan modes, chrome bezel, compatible to standard network cables; for maximum comfort this model includes dual option return air temperature sensors, one on the control, and one in front of the evaporator air flow to reduce the temperature deferential between the on and off position. The fan cycling with the compressor is always on, but regulated by an automatic fan speed based on the set point temperature deferential.

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